You don’t hire Fire Toga for a set of “real estate photos".

You hire Fire Toga to get more eyes on your listing.

That is why we don’t charge you extra money to do what we are supposed to be doing, providing you with a listing specific customized set of photos, using a variety of techniques to make your home stand out from the competition. Here are a few ways we can wow your clients:


Front Photo Plus™

The front photo that you use for your listing is the key to inviting potential buyers to view the entire album. Therefore, it is not something that should be treated the same as every other photo. So why do other companies charge you extra to fix issues with grey skies, distracting neighbors and eye sore objects? With Fire Toga’s Free Front Photo Plus™, we give you the introductory photo that your clients deserve, and get extra eyes on your listing, free of charge.


Front Plus Before.jpg



front photo after.jpg

Community Collage

The first thing that a buyer buys is the community, so why hire a photographer that is only willing to take a photo of the neighborhood sign. At Fire Toga we research the community before the photo shoot so that we don’t miss any important amenities. Instead of overwhelming buyers with dozens of community photos, we capture the essence of the area with a single attractive photo called our Community Collage.

Yard Sign Replacement

If your yard sign is already up before the photos of the home are taken, Fire Toga can avoid the ugly blurring of the sign required to keep your listing MLS compliant, and replace the sign with one that is more appealing, or remove the sign altogether using Photoshop.



sign replacement after.jpg

Object Removal

Sometimes, sellers may see items in the photos that they forgot to move or that they did not know were there. In many cases, Fire Toga is able to remove these items and keep the integrity of the photo to give it a more appealing look, without going back for a new photo.

Object Additions

If an object in the photo looks out of place, or empty, Fire Toga can add in an item to make the photo look more realistic and to add a touch of color to the photo to make it look nicer. Typically done for landscaping additions on exterior photos.

add object after.jpg

Creative Special Features

At Fire Toga, we do whatever it takes to express the features of your listing through photos. Some features are not easily conveyed by a photography, so we use our creativity and design skills to make sure buyers can see things that may not even be visible.

creative real estate photography 2.jpg