Fajitas Tejanas At El Paso Mexican Restaurant

El Paso Mexican Restaurants was one of my old haunts during my days working in Springfield. I was excited when I saw that my company Christmas lunch would be held at El Paso and it gave me the opportunity to try a brand new item, the Fajitas Tejanas.

El Paso is a local Mexican restaurant with 4 locations across the DC Metro Area (Springfield, Alexandria, Woodbridge, Mount Vernon). It is a classic casual Mexican restaurant filled with flair, and a very comfortable place to enjoy lunch. This post is about the Springfield location.

At the company lunch, the boss said to order anything, and when I saw an item that included 3 different types of delicious meats on it, i couldn’t avoid it. (I love mixing meats, lol). The Fajitas Tejanas features steak, chicken and shrimp:


Grilled with onions and peppers served with rice, choice of refried or black beans, side of lettuce with sour cream, tomatoes, guacamole and three flour tortillas.

Before the fajitas even arrived I could smell the smoke and hear the sizzle. The waiter brought out what looked to be a campfire on a plate. Everything was a little bit over-burned for fajitas but that didn’t stop me from chowing down on the delicious meats (and I probably got a few of the toppings in there too). The shrimp were outstanding.

el paso.jpg

After the meal I added El Paso as a like on Facebook where I discovered a really awesome promotion they have. Every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday with 20 Tacos for just $20. Tacos are also on special individually for $1.50 on Tuesdays, but if you grab 20 of them you save $10 with the promotion.

Other promotions include Monday night kids eat for $1, 2 for $20 fajitas on Wednesdays and each day they have a special $7 lunch item.

If you are ever driving past one of the El Paso locations I highly recommend that you stop in for lunch. It is quick, casual, relatively inexpensive and you are sure to have a good time.

*Taco photo courtesy of El Paso