Stone Bridge At Manassas Battlefield Park

Manassas National Battlefield Park's Stone Bridge

Shot With A Panasonic HC-X1

Just around the corner from the Manassas National Battlefield Park Visitor Center off of Route 29 is the old Stone Bridge. This section of the park features, get this, a stone well as a great trail that runs along Bull Run creek. I took the camera out there on a beautiful day and captured some of the scenery and...almost got bit by a snake (video above).


While I was there, the bridge was surrounded by a local art meetup group who were gathered to paint landscapes of the bridge and the surrounding flowers and nature. Hikers were also out and about including many families with small children hiking the very easy Stone Bridge Loop Trail.


While I was walking around the rocks by the creek, I wasn't paying attention and when I looked down a snake was staring at me, coiled and ready to strike. Luckily the snake was more scared of me, especially after I let out a scream, so it hid under a rock. Nature is prevalent here. I also ran into some turtles sunbathing, lots of squirrels, fields of bluebells and much more.


Camera Stuff: For this shoot I decided to film everything in full 4k at 24fps and to use a tripod for all of my shots. The tripod almost toppled over into the water with the camera on it, so ALWAYS be careful! I still prefer using the 60fps UHD for shoots like these.

During the Civil War the bridge was a key crossing during the Battles of Manassas and had been blown up several times. After the war the bridge was used until the 1920's.

If you are looking for a nice hike surrounded by nature, then the 1.6 mile trail at Stone Bridge is a great spot. Walk over the boardwalk, enjoy the sights and sounds of Bull Run creek and transport to the 1800's.

bridge walk.jpg

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