Top Golf One Loudoun Ashburn

If you are from this area, you may have visited the original Top Golf in Kingstowne of Alexandria. The newest location in Loudoun County (across from One Loudoun) is a different experience, but still a really fun time. I recently made my 2nd trip to this location for a birthday party to have some fun and hit some balls.

The first thing you will notice when you pull up to Top Golf is that it is enormous. There are multiple levels, multiple bars and over 100 swinging bays. It is like walking into the future. At night on a weekend you feel like you are in Las Vegas with parties going on in every bay.

The gameplay is the same as the Kingstowne location, however the payment is different. Instead of paying per game, you pay per hour. ($25 before noon, $35 til 5 and $47 after 5 and on certain days). You can play with up to 6 people per bay, so you can divide up the costs, but overall its a bit more expensive than you might think.


The food looks pretty good. I think I’ve only had the wings personally but they are tasty. They do have bars and TVs and sports and stuff, but typically I count on the waiter that comes direct to the bay to deliver food and drinks.

I absolutely love the concept of turning a boring driving range into a game. You basically shoot golf balls into different targets across the range. It is a little complicated to go more in depth, but just remember that real players play Top Shot, the game where you have to hit it into the designated targets (where accidentally scoring doesn’t happen and actually makes you lose points).

Overall, you are sure to have fun at Top Golf. If you haven’t been here it is one of the most fun things to do in Ashburn and I highly recommend a visit. Check it out during the day for cheap or bring a group and play when the place is “bumpin”.