Free Cone Day At Ben & Jerry's

Free Ice Cream At Ben & Jerry’s

Fairfax Corner & All Locations

Tuesday, April 9th (noon-8pm) was FREE CONE DAY at all Ben & Jerry’s locations. I headed down to my nearest store at Fairfax Corner to get myself a free cone. View the VLOG video or continue reading to find out more!


I decided to head out around 3pm, thinking people wouldn’t be out of work or school and I wouldn’t have a long line. Turns out I was “kind of” right. The line was pretty long, but it moved pretty fast. I think I ended up waiting about 10 minutes. However, by the time I was out, the line had stretched even farther and was starting to bend around the corner. You’d never believe this but during the day there are kids that are young enough to where they aren’t in school…and they love ice cream.


I’m actually more of a Breyers Ice Cream guy, or when out, stopping at Baskin Robbins and avoiding Ben & Jerry’s. I’m not sure if it is because their are only a few locations, if the stores are too small (meaning the lines are always out the door) or if the hippie reputation of the company, but something keeps me away.  Although, now that I think about it, I actually do eat a TON of those little $1 Ben & Jerry’s ice creams from the grocery store. So let’s amend that to "I avoid the Ben & Jerry’s retail locations."


However, right after I finished my delicious ice cream, 1 scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip in a sugar cone, I thought that I would be returning often. But at Fairfax Corner, there always is a line…and there is never one 1 mile away at Baskin Robbins. I also get bitter when a place has Mint Chocolate Chip and it is the white kind with huge chunks of mint. And sweedish fish in ice cream? Gross!

While the ice cream was free, the store partnered with the Fair Oaks Volunteer Fire Department to help them earn money. Instead of paying for the ice cream, a simple donation was suggested and people were happy to oblige. The fire fighters were actually behind the counter working hard, scooping ice cream and having a good time. Outside the store, they had an ambulance and plastic fire hats so kids could have some more fun and learn about fire fighters.


I find it strange when places like 7-11 have free Slurpee day or someone has a free cup of coffee and people wait in line for 20+ minutes for the free $1 item. People love FREE and don’t typically think about opportunity cost. However, today I found out why they do it. It is either for the fun of it, or they do it so they can Instagram or Facebook it for attention. Or if they are realllly desperate for attention. They make a video…Whatever! I had FUN too!

Overall, it was totally worth it for the interesting atmosphere and the delicious ice cream.