Waterfall Time Lapse At Rocky Run

Rocky Run Stream Valley Trail In Chantilly

Time Lapse With A Panasonic HC-X1

Typically for each of my videos, I'll write up a little bit of a blog post and share some of the still frames. However in this case I think the video of my exploration of the Rocky Run Stream Valley Park creek (combining time lapse with super slow motion) speak for itself (above).


This is a creek I grew up exploring and crossing, and quite honestly I forgot it was there and how powerful it can be, especially after even a night of light rain.

Camera Stuff: The first 3 clips were filmed in 4K using the built in time lapse feature of the HC-X1 camera. By placing them in a 1080 video it allows me to zoom and pan without losing quality. The rest was shot in the 120fps super slow motion setting which ONLY works in 1080.

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