The New Wawa In Chantilly & Why I Love Wawa Hoagies

It has been over a year since my first trip to find the answer to the question “Where can I watch the airplanes land at Dulles airport”. Today, I returned to Sully Historic Site (the answer to that question) and stopped in at the new Wawa in Chantilly, Virginia for one of my favorite fast food sandwiches.

When I posted this video I got a lot of fallback for loving the subs from a gas station. So why do I love these sandwiches so much.

First, I think it is because I could rarely get them. I love Sonic. I love Whataburger. I love Fat Burger. I love In & Out Burger. I love Krystals. I love White Castle. And what do all those places have in common? They aren’t anywhere near me. So it could be the fact that it is “rare”. (By the way, Sheetz has lost its luster quite a bit after it became readily available to me).

Second, I think there is some nostalgia involved. When I visited my family in Pennsylvania, I would often go to Wawa when it was basically a 7-11. One time (probably 20 years ago) I was really hungry and had my first WaWa hoagie (I think it was new at that point). I still remember that day and can still taste that sub with the cucumber, spinach, oil & vinegar and oregano.

Third, it is typically involved in road trips, and road trips are fun. Sheetz and Wawa are goto stops on road trips due to the fact that they are gas stations. So I relate the hoagie to fun times.

Fourth…why am I explaining myself to you! I like Wawa hoagies! Deal with it!

So next time you are at Wawa, look around. I might be next to you pressing the touch screen to get my turkey & cucumber hoagie.