Hard Times Cafe Chili Mac In Fairfax

I had a few meetings down in Fairfax, Virginia so I stopped at one of my favorite places to grab a bite to eat in the Old Town area. I arrived just after opening at Hard Times Cafe Fairfax for a delicious item that I was not familiar with until I discovered Hard Times a million years ago, the Chili Mac.


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I could go on and on about Hard Times, but today I’m going to focus on the Chili Mac. The Chili Mac consists of spaghetti with chili and other toppings. I go for cheese and extra onions. The combination is quite delicious and its a great alternate idea for spaghetti (Next time we’ll talk about the Frito Pie).

One of the reasons I love Hard Times is because of the chili, and the variety of items they have on the menu that mix perfectly with that chili. I am a very picky eater (mostly due to a fear of food that looks weird/gross) so I absolutely despise chili that has chunks and beans in it. Lucky for me, Hard Times has 2 different non chunk chilis. Texas and Cincinnati (there is also the Terlingua Red and a vegetarian).

I used to always go with the Texas, because it is almost like eating plain ground beef, but when I finally got the guts to try the Cincinnati (the menu mentions tomato and I hate tomato), I discovered my new goto.

The other thing I show in the VLOG video above is the lunch counter. One of the big complaints with Hard Times is the smell of smoke. They have a separate smoking section, but you can smell it everywhere upstairs. At the “secret” downstairs lunch area, you get a literal breather.

The great part, is that if you sit at the counter itself, you can sometimes get your food in a matter of seconds. (The kitchen is behind the counter). The lady that often works the counter is also really nice.

If it wasn’t clear from this article, I love Hard Times. I try to stop there just about every time I know I’ll be driving past. If you go, let me know in the comments what your goto order is, and I highly recommend trying the Chili Mac.

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