Wegmans Burger Bar In Chantilly Virginia

Today I visited the Burger Bar at Chantilly Wegmans (The Field At Commonwealth Shopping Center) for the second time to enjoy one of their specialty hamburgers.

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I ordered the mushroom burger (portobello mushrooms, melted brie cheese and aioli that I removed from the order - on a toasted brioche bun). You can select the doneness of the burger, and it takes about 5+ minutes to get your order.

The burgers are pretty good. I also really enjoyed the garlic fries. They have the big red Coke machine too ($2) but a bunch of the flavors were out when I went.

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There are 6 hamburgers on the menu, all very different. But while the ideas behind the burgers are good, in 2019’s hamburger market, custom burgers is what consumers want. If you look at the different hamburgers, the types of cheese, rolls and toppings are all different, but can I customize them? Maybe, but it isn’t clear or explained on the menu?

The other issue is the price. The prices range from $10-$14 and all orders come with a side of regular or tuscan french fries (or a caesar salad if you want). Due to the inclusion of fries, that isn’t a terrible deal. But what if I don’t want fries or a salad? (The salad is like 4 pieces of lettuce) I’d rather pay $7 for a burger and have a choice to add fries for extra.

And finally, the restaurant is located all the way on the right of the store, hidden away. Even the sign for it is on the side of the building where no customers can see it. I don’t think shoppers even know it is there.

These problems may be a reason that on a Saturday afternoon there were barely any customers even though the grocery store was packed.

Another reason, the hamburger competition. Within a few miles of this burger spot includes a Five Guys, the super popular Burger Shack and the Habit Burger Grill located 200 yards away. And in terms of food and drink at grocery stores, Whole Foods blows this spot out of the water.

The menu also includes other sandwiches and salads and frozen custard & shakes. The restaurant even has a full bar with beer wine & liquor, although it is no match for Whole Foods in terms of selection or price on beer.

I thought the hamburger and fries were good. However, I don’t see myself returning here very often. The other choices for food in the shopping center are more exciting (Cava, Habit Burger, Chipotle) and the Burger Shack is just down the street and closer to my house.