Whole Foods Salmon Sunday In Fair Lakes At Bistro 66

There are tons of great options for getting a bite to eat at Whole Foods, but none may be better than the hot dinners offered over by the pizza counter at Bistro 66. I went down to the Whole Foods in Fairfax Virginia (at Fair Lakes) on Sunday, one of the only days they offer salmon as an option, for one of my favorite meals at a grocery store.

Bistro 66 at Whole Foods offers hot food every day from 11am-9pm. While you can get things a la carte, the best way to enjoy the food here is to order the meal. It is like a home cooked meal away from home.

You get to choose your meat and then 2 sides from a variety of changing sides:

  • Chicken $9

  • Turkey $9

  • Fish $12 (Salmon on Sundays)

  • Steak $15 (Friday-Sunday only)

bistro menu.jpg

Every time I go it seems like the sides are different. Options range from jasmine rice to green beans to roasted potatoes to mixed vegetables to mashed potatoes and more. The rice is really good.

The food is delicious. It is close to restaurant quality, much cheaper, no tipping involved and it is ready for you in literally seconds. I’d rather come here than go to another restaurant in terms of time and money, and it is why you will find me here on many occasions.

Bistro 66 also has breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am-11am (which I haven’t tried yet).