The Best Burger In Loudoun County: Melt Gourmet Cheeseburgers

After hearing about Melt Gourmet Cheesburgers in Leesburg for years, I decided to finally make a visit while I was in the area. Melt has been voted Loudoun County’s best burger for the last 8 years so I needed to find out what all the hubbub was about.

Located in a tiny strip mall, the unassuming Melt features a variety of hamburgers and a great variety of awesome toppings. Burgers start at $7.25 and depending on the customization, toppings or specialty creations, can get up to $18 (lump crab or bison burgers).

Melt also offers salads, shakes and french fries, but for this we will focus on the burgers. See the full menu and toppings list here.


My favorite part about Melt was the toppings they offer, both the uniqueness and the quantity. 18 types of cheese, tons of sauces and unique items like watercress, cucumbers, jalapeños, fire roasted green chiles and yes, even Peanut Butter.

The burgers here are thicker than your normal burger, but with the added toppings it didn’t bother me. However the bun was much bigger than the burger and it fell apart as I was eating it.


Overall it is a decent burger and a great option if you are out in Leesburg. I suggest you create your own custom burger taking advantage of the toppings you don’t find at most burger joints.

Melt is located off of East Market street in the Bellewood Commons shopping center (The one with the brown roofs and green trim across from the Outlets).