Muse Paintbar In The Fairfax Mosaic District

For years I’ve seen painting events advertised at local bars, but I’ve never really had the desire to attend one. However, looking for things to do in the area, I came upon Muse Paintbar and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get out some creative flow and have a fun date experience.

Located in the trendy Mosaic town center in Fairfax, Muse is half art studio half bar and the perfect place for couples and groups to have fun rain or shine.


Every day, Muse has a different painting event (see the schedule here), ranging in price from $35-$45. Aside from your typical painting, certain events add LED lights, wooden signs, backlit art, glassware, paint your pet, kids events, and couples paints.

When you arrive at Muse, you check in and then head over to the bar for a a drink. Wine & sangria run for $7.50-$9.50, beers are $5.25-$7.75. I ordered a couple bottles of IBC root beer.


You can order drinks and snacks throughout the event, although the kitchen does close a little before the end. Items like chicken bites, mini flatbread pizzas and mozzarella sticks range from $5-10.

When the event starts you put on an apron, pull out the brushes and get ready to go step by step through the painting.


You may think it is a scary thought; Having your terrible painting on display in front of a bunch of strangers. However, the artist instructor will take you through each item step by step and you will be amazed at the results. I mean, my painting actually looked a little like it was supposed to!

Our particular event was really cool because it involved some LED light effects that really brought the painting to life.


I had a great time at the event, even without consuming any delicious adult beverages. The instructor was cool and made it easy to churn out a product that I’m actually not embarrassed by. I definitely recommend checking this out with your friends or on a date on the next rainy night.